Four non-medicinal ways to fight off anxiety

Anxiety and anxiety disorders are very common in today’s high stress world. Because so many people are discovering that they suffer from these types of disorders, more people than ever are going on medicines. Many of the medicines that fight anxiety disorders are addictive, or have difficult side effects. While certainly this is not true of all of them, it is quite common among them as a general rule. For this reason, more people than ever looking for natural or non-medicinal ways of fighting anxiety disorders and anxiety in general. Here are four outstanding options to give a shot before you start taking medicine:


This traditional healing process and is designed to balance the flow of energy that the Chinese refer to as Chi. This energy travels along pathways that are referred to as meridians throughout your body. An acupuncturist will insert extremely thin needles all along these pathways to reestablish your energy flow. While some find it hard to believe in acupuncture, few would argue its benefits. Acupuncture is extremely relaxing and will help you feel better.


Much like acupuncture, meditation has been around for centuries. There are many different forms of meditation that one can practice and all of them can be beneficial for anxiety. The general idea behind meditation is to focus your thoughts on a single point of emphasis and blocking out all other distractions. Most people have experienced meditation at one time or another. Have you ever caught yourself staring off into outer space and completely lost in your own thoughts? That could be considered meditation.

Dietary changes

What we eat has a huge effect on how we feel. With anxiety, certain things have been proven to cause a spike. Caffeine is perhaps the worst offender of the lot. Drinking a ton of soft drinks, coffee, caffeinated tea and other sugar filled drinks can literally cause a panic attack. If you are able to eliminate these things from your daily intake, you will have a head start on beating anxiety every single day.

Lifestyle changes

Much like dietary changes, lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your anxiety levels. Smoking, for example, is one of the worst things you can do if you suffer from anxiety or stress. In addition to the thousands of health reasons to quit smoking, heightened anxiety levels can be added to the list. The nicotine in cigarettes and cigars can literally send your anxiety levels through the roof.

Drinking alcohol is another way to increase your anxiety. Not only does it make it more difficult to handle anxiety disorder, it also physiologically increases the odds of you having one. When you have a drink, you are setting yourself up for panic attacks and various other problems. The more alcohol that you ingest, the worse the panic attack can sometimes be. Like anything else, different people respond in different ways to these lifestyle changes. Certainly it will help a great deal if you stop.

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