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Should Your First Time Bikini Waxing Experience Be at Home Or At The Salon?

The ultimate question – should we rush to the nearest salon for our first time bikini wax, or should we ‘go brave’ and do it ourselves in the comfort of our own home? Decisions, decisions.

We want you to look your best for the summer season ahead, so we’ve made things simple for you.

First, this question is a little unfair for a few reasons. It doesn’t take into account the experience you have. If you are used to shaving your bikini line regularly, then you are light-years ahead of people who are not accustomed to that. Depending on your shape, getting the perfect angle for waxing can be difficult, so you may consider a salon.

Next, the benefits of doing your first time bikini wax from home are plenty. For starters, you have ultimate privacy – no one even needs to know that you’re going off to wax such an intimate area. You know your home better than anyone, so you have space to spread out and get comfortable. Some, including myself, say that makes a better experience.

The downside to doing your first time bikini line wax at home is that you could end up making mistakes that cause ingrown hairs, severe inflammation, and other painful results. Let’s not forget burns and scratches made from heating the wax too high, or scraping the wax off too hard.

The downsides of waxing at home bring us neatly to the benefits of going into a salon for your first time waxing session. You see, a licensed esthetician (read: the lady that will be removing that pesky hair!) has enough experience to remove unwanted hair safely and efficiently. Now, that doesn’t mean that pain is going to completely leave the building – those hairs have been living very comfortably in your skin, and sometimes they don’t want to come out easily. This means that there might be some minor pain, but a skilled esthetician will do everything they can to keep the pain to a minimum.

One of the bigger downsides of going into a salon is time and money. You will be on someone else’s time going into a salon, which means that you will have to schedule an appointment or walk in within business hours. This may not fit neatly into your schedule and you will need to find a salon you’re comfortable with.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ also applies to the world of professional waxing. Be very wary of prices that sound too good to be true – in my experience, a good salon charges a fair price for services rendered. A five dollar bikini wax? Run. Just, trust me on this.

If this is your first time getting your bikini line area waxed, great – but it shouldn’t be your esthetician’s first time waxing bikini lines (or any other hair removal, for that matter). If they seem incredibly nervous about the whole process, you may have run across a new esthetician. That isn’t to say that those new to cosmetology can’t be great at it, but do you really want to be their first project? I didn’t think so!

Overall, which one is better: going into a salon for your first bikini wax, or saving time and going 100% homegrown with it? It’s really up to you, but you may want to make a compromise: do your first bikini wax at a salon, watch the process, and look around for a good home waxing kit.