Jan 24, 2021

How to celebrate Christmas without changing your healthy lifestyle

Christmas is notoriously known as a period where people overindulge in unhealthy lifestyles all in a bid to enjoy the festivities of the season. With lots of fanfare going around, it is easy to be swayed into engaging in unhealthy lifestyle and practices that would then take a toll on you in the new year, so taking precautions to prevent those unhealthy lifestyles would be the theme around the holidays. You can celebrate Christmas without adding unnecessary weight, you can celebrate Christmas without taking excess booze, you can sure have a Christmas with less stress. Some might begin to wonder how this can be, but if you maintain good health practices, the holiday would strain you like it does other people, so adhering to healthy tips for celebrating Christmas and New Eve would surely put you on a pedestal to enjoying a memorable Christmas.

Healthy tips to adapt to having a healthy Christmas

You can read Piquant reviews to learn some healthy tips to adhere to ensure you get the best services during the holidays. Here are some tips for having a healthy Christmas;

Don’t sit down all-day

This is one of the grievous sins people commit during Christmas, as they can afford to sit down all day watching different movies. Encourage the family to get out for a walk at some point- ideally, after dinner, this is seen as aiding digestion. To enjoy your time outdoors, you can take along outdoor accessories such as bikes, scooters, footballs or frisbees, or even play old fashioned games such as Monopoly and Chess.

Show caution around Alcohol

The festive season is seen as a season when people consume excess booze. One has got to take caution when consuming alcohol during this festive season and not go overboard with excess consumption. So, it’s good to have an accountability partner who would checkmate you and ensure you are not taking more than you should.

Don’t excessively stuff yourself

Reports have shown that people consume more than 3,000 calories in their Christmas dinner- this is more than is recommended for a grown adult man. This huge consumption, in turn, contributes to massive weight gain but also indigestion and heartburn not to talk about lethargy which is predominant for the rest of the day. Instead of taking more than you should during Christmas, ensure you eat normal-sized meals then take some time off to still see if you’re hungry, let’s say 20 minutes as it takes the brain that amount of time for it to register that the stomach is full. The chances are, it would dawn on you that you’re filled already.

Avoid excessive cold

The Christmas season is often characterized by excessive colds, so finding a way to protect yourself from the harsh weather conditions of the season are requisite to prevent cold viruses. Eating a healthy diet is also necessary as it reinforces your immune system to fight these viruses.

Don’t indulge in stressful activities

It is not news that people overindulge themselves in numerous activities such as cleaning, cooking, visiting, and others. Try not to engage in activities that stimulate protracted stress. So, detach from activities that can make you stress yourself without a fair cause.

Eat fruits

Most of the Christmas meals do not come with fruits. Most Christmas menus are filled with meals that ensure you add excessive weight. But taking fruits will ensure you have an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals, to keep you in good health. So, when going out shopping during Christmas, do ensure your shopping list is filled with fruits.

Doing something for others

What caps people’s Christmas is the consumption, consumption, and consumption. This is not good if one intends to keep a healthy lifestyle. In the festive season, people should be enjoined to show love to others by helping out with home-related activities such as baking pies or tending to the garden of an elderly neighbor, this is a show of charity and would be appreciated.

Think before eating

During Christmas, people just want to eat anything they can lay their hands on, this in itself is not a healthy practice. One should spend some time asking questions like, is it necessary I eat this food? And so many other bugging questions. This would ensure one only eats when they have to not as a result of an impulse stimulated by the sight of food.

Engaging the brain

Reports have shown that people’s minds become increasingly dull around this period. This is because people just keep staring endlessly towards the TV without having to think and make use of the brains. Playing games is such a good idea to stay engaged in this season, games like Trivial Pursuit or Charades. You can also engage your mind using gadgets such as PlayStation, iPads, mobile phones, or even laptops.

Being a careful cook

One Christmas duty that cannot be avoided is cooking. The Food Standards Agency has reported that December is one of the months common with food poisoning. One of the major causes of food poisoning could be an unhealthy preparation of meals. One has to take out sufficient time to prepare their meals to avoid a situation where their food is poisoned due to unhealthy food preparation practices. Some tips to go with include using leftovers within 48 hours or freezing them. Also, you can look up several healthy food preparation tips to ensure your food is wholesomely prepared.

Adhering to all the tips here stated would ensure you have a healthy Christmas devoid of excessive weight gain, food poisoning, and other defects associated with the season.

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