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  • 27/06/2023

Individual technology readiness are measured by four dimensions are optimism, innovativeness, insecure, discomfort. An empirical research was performed amongst lecturer at JenderalSoedirman University. Lecture will use e-learning in the event that they understand that e-learning helpful to assist learning course of. Technology ushers in basic structural changes that might be integral to achieving important improvements in productivity. Technology additionally has the power to rework educating by ushering in a new mannequin of linked instructing. This mannequin links lecturers to their college students and to professional content material, resources, and systems to assist them enhance their very own instruction and personalize learning.

A reactive machine follows probably the most primary of AI rules and, as its name implies, is able to solely utilizing its intelligence to perceive and react to the world in front of it. A reactive machine cannot store a memory and in consequence can not depend on previous …