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  • 19/04/2020

In court papers, Salis takes purpose on the allegation that he misrepresented the homes when he was pitching them in the press. He argues that the statements he made had been too common and exaggerated to be fraudulent. “The District of Columbia bars claims primarily based on non-measurable, bald statements of superior quality or performance,” his submitting says. Trash baggage of moldy particles from inside 1522 Foxhall, and a flooring covered in mould from water infiltration, according to the homeowners.Within days, more mayhem was unfolding. The basic contractor, the homeowners say, had uncovered evidence of extensive mould in each homes.

Temporary bracing had to be installed to hold up the back of the house while the beam was changed. Because of the pandemic, Puri and Mahadevia say they have been too afraid to remain in a hotel and felt uncomfortable imposing on friends. They say the entire household bundled up …