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  • 19/10/2021
Business News

Election night time follies, art-world awards, Joe Simon takes his battle online, more. Ozymandias on the Art Institute of Chicago, another art critic layoff, the Queens International opens, TEFAF greater than ever, more. Chelsea galleries deploy to Cuba, suing to enforce an art sale, confusion over Prince “donation” to Morgan Library, “Krazy!” at Japan Society, extra. Big NEA finances underneath Barack Obama, arts cuts on the state level, Delaware library sells art for building repairs, more.

Professor Bently tells me an artist would need to show that output of an AI had reproduced a significant a part of their original creative expression in a particular piece of their art used to train the AI. Professor Lionel Bently, director of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at Cambridge University, says that within the UK “it isn’t an infringement of copyright, normally, to make use of the style of somebody …