Jul 4, 2022

The wonderful world of glass packaging

If the price were the same, many people would rather choose a product in a glass container than in a plastic one. After all, you can reuse glass containers, which eliminates plastic waste. Also, there’s the fact that glass containers look much nicer. Unfortunately, now glass containers are often more expensive than plastic ones, so the stores are full of products in plastic containers. However, for many reasons, this plastic is not good for our environment at all, nor for our bodies. Therefore, we need to start investing in glass containers. But why? What are the advantages of glass packaging? We would like to tell you more about that in this article.

Good barrier

One of the biggest advantages of glass is that it has a good barrier. This is especially advantageous when packaging food. Plastic bottles allow oxygen to pass through, which accelerates bacterial growth, for example. In addition, bubbles disappear much faster from plastic bottles. In glass, the opposite is true. The barrier ensures that the food stays fresh much longer and retains positive properties such as vitamins for longer. Calaso makes glass bottles, jars and other containers so that you can store your food in them.

Much cleaner than plastic

Glass is, of course, also known for being a robust and smooth material that hardly gets scratched or grooved. Bacteria can grow quickly in such scratches and grooves, but with glass you don’t have to worry about that. After use, you can wash glass in the dishwasher, so you can easily use it again. So it’s much more hygienic and you can use the glasses for years.

But we’re not there yet

The existence of companies like Glassmeister makes it easier for us to also buy glass jars and bottles to use. This way we are doing better for ourselves and for the earth. However, we still have a long way to go. Many products that we need are sold exclusively in plastic packaging, which means we still create plastic waste. So if we really want to make a difference, more refills in environmentally friendly materials should come on the market. We can then refill the product ourselves in our glass containers, generating much less plastic waste. So companies like Glassmeister are taking a step in the right direction and we need to invest in them, but we can do even better!

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