Essential things to know about denture repairs

Dentures not only let you eat and speak comfortably, but even help you to smile with a full set of teeth in social gatherings. But when they fracture without any prior notice, you need to get them repaired right away! If you’re living in the suburbs of Wantirna, it’s best to visit a denture clinic there, to get the job done. There are a few essential things that you need to know about denture repairs before heading to a denture clinic.

Usually, Partial Dentures are repaired by a skilled technician working in denture clinics or dental laboratory

es. Generally, most suburban areas have denture clinics and if you’re a resident of Wantirna – you may just be in luck, because the dental clinics here offer exceptional denture care!  At first, one of the dentists will inspect your dentures thoroughly. You will then hear your dentist give instructions for denture repairs to the technician, who’ll perform the job, accordingly.

Should you take the DIY route for denture repairs? Fixing cracked dentures is not a DIY job where glue can be applied to get them functioning as before! Since the dentures have to withstand chewing pressure exerted while eating, the glue won’t be able to hold the damaged parts together under such pressure.

Some may think of using superglue but that’s just not the right way for denture repairs. To begin with, superglue doesn’t bond well with dentures. Additionally, they tend to cause damage to the dentures and may even trigger gum inflammation. When it dissolves in water, superglue tastes terrible, which is yet another reason why it shouldn’t be used in your DIY effort. The only reliable option for denture repair is to get the job done by an expert at a denture clinic. You can use a spare set of dentures while the broken one is being repaired.

Professional denture repair is really necessary. The DIY route to denture repair using glue or even superglue isn’t a feasible solution as mentioned earlier. It also best not to try to fix broken dentures on your own, because the attempt could end up damaging the dentures! It’s advisable to always opt for professional denture repair for a hassle-free experience and to enjoy optimal functionality for the long run.  

Relining the denture is part of denture repair. As the gums and bone under a denture can change with time, the fit of the denture would need to be reset. People often don’t realise this until it’s too late! But if you can catch it soon enough, your dentist could improve the fit by adding back the material, which is known as relining the denture. If a large change is not required, denture repair could be performed right away in the dentist’s office or at a denture clinic. But if more work is needed, the denture would be sent to a dental laboratory.

A dentist is the best professional to evaluate and decide what type of repair the dentures would need. Typically, denture relining is affordable, but several factors determine the final cost. These include the type of denture, nature of relining required, and the place (denture clinics or the laboratory) where the relining would be done.