The Latest Trends In Employment, Salaries, And More, For Doctors

The Latest Trends In Employment, Salaries, And More, For Doctors

Are you looking to hire a physician for your organization? Whether you have a hospital, a care home, a special surgery center, a retail clinic, or other entity, you need to know what the latest and most important trends are when it comes to doctor or physician employment. Doing so will get you the best talents and skills for your needs.

So, what are the trends which are shaping the medical and healthcare job market? Here’s what you should know about the latest trends in employment, salaries, and more, for doctors

Places where physicians are in high demand

Physicians are continuously in demand in various areas in the country, but none more so than in Boston. Boston, which is filled to the brim with hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, has experienced a growth of as much as 72{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d} when it comes to physician jobs, and this number is growing as we speak.

The second place on the list where doctors are in high demand is San Francisco, which has a rating of about 42{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d} when it comes to physician employment growth.

Medical specialties

Some medical specialties are more in demand than most. For example, in the geriatric field, doctors are in increasing demand – in the last year alone, there was an increase of as much as 164{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d} in geriatric doctor employment. But other specialties have experienced significant growth as well, and this includes the cardiology field, where there has been an increase of 23{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d}.

Physician compensation

When it comes to compensation on the national front, compensation for physicians has increased by about 5{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d} as well. In certain areas, such as San Francisco, the increase of compensation has gone up to 16{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d}, while in Boston, the increase is up to 7{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d}.  A total of 6 areas, which include Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York, have been included in the top 10 when it comes to compensation as well as job growth for physicians.

Some areas, however, showed a drop in physician compensation. Areas like Phoenix, Arizona, showed a drop by as much as 9{e8fbcc5d99f9ef549fded86029ce797a9e64de35b34e09df19d3b4f8a33e277d} when it comes to physician compensation, and it has been speculated that drops like these could have occurred because of exits from insurers due to the changes in health care plans and the emergence of low-cost medical service providers. The lower cost of compensation can also be caused by more hospitals buying doctors’ practices.

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