Various Mandatory Household Furniture for Newlyweds

Various Mandatory Household Furniture for Newlyweds

Have you followed the tips above? So next, let’s try to make a list of various household furniture that must be owned by newlyweds.

1. Bedroom Area

The master bedroom area must be the number one concern regardless of the condition, whether it’s renting or occupying a new house. The bedroom is a place where tired souls rest after a daily routine.

Buy a comfortable mattress for a good quality sleep, complete with 2 pillows and 2 bolsters made of quality materials. Try to have at least 2 bed sheets along with the bolster pillowcases to be used interchangeably. The bedroom area must also have proper lighting, wardrobe, mirror, and hangers behind the door.

2. Bathroom Area

There is no one who does not need a bathroom, at least buy a dipper to complete the bath for Mom and Dad at the house. Make sure you also have bath soap, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other complementary soaps available. Various household furniture for this area does not seem too much and quite minimalist.

3. Kitchen Area and Dining Table

The next household furniture that must be owned is a dining table set. Mothers can choose for two or more people in this segment.

Meanwhile, various household furniture in the kitchen area and dining table that must be owned are as follows: stove, rice cooker, complete cooking utensils, and cutlery set. The refrigerator is also very useful for storing groceries for days or as needed. You may interesting on to see appliances for your new home

4. Living Room Area

If you have space for the living room to gather together with loved ones, then you will need a guest table and chairs as well as a television. However, if this is not possible, guest tables and chairs can be replaced with carpets or any comfortable seat.

5. Household Cleaning Tools

Keeping the house clean will make the home atmosphere very comfortable, especially in the current pandemic, every corner of the house must be sterile and germ-free. Cleaning tools are one of the various household items that must be owned such as brooms, dustpans, mops, trash cans, multipurpose brushes, and the like.

6. Laundry Scrub Equipment

One of the various household items that must be owned if you want to save on laundry costs are washing machines, irons, clotheslines, multipurpose buckets. Everything can not be separated, but to wash clothes there is another option, namely washing by hand. It all depends on which option you think is more practical.

7. Air Conditioning

Indonesia’s tropical climate conditions make some of us will easily feel stifling or hot. Air conditioning can be one of the various household items that need to be owned by newlyweds.

It doesn’t only have to be AC ​​(Air Conditioner) because the fan is also enough to make the room air cooler and fresher. Comfortable room conditions with air conditioning are also needed later if you have children later, so this is a pretty good investment!